Fool Your Boyfriend Bean Burgers

I stumbled upon a winner last night while watching Clemson Beat Auburn. Go Tigers! I was bit understandably distracted. Both by the busting bracket and the win! Sorry for the limited number of pictures throughout the instructions. The next time I put this together, I will update!  Fool your Meat loving friends with these babies….

Using Grounding to Reduce Inflammation

Grounding  Or Earthing can be defined as direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with your bare feet or hands. If you have not heard this term before. It is this simple: It is the act of connecting our body with the surface of the earth. Skin to ground contact is…

The Role of Energetic Synergy for Growth

Now more than ever we need each other. For support. For Growth. And to help each other understand what we truly are capable of. The right person can act as the mirror you need to propel you forward in a way which you did not EVEN see as a possibility. They draw out your potential….


For Scott Levinson. My Mentor And Forever Friend. All good things come to a gentle close The last note is sung The final clap The curtains close And we move on On to life’s next adventure   Taking with us the joy Of all we have experienced Along the way   That which defines us…

How to Feel Connected Inspired & Alive in 2018

We grow the most when we are inspired. When we feel alive. We do this when we consciously surround ourselves with people who reflect the positive aspects of who we are and also hold qualities we are working towards. Ultimately, you can only get so far in life on your own. Life is about connecting…