Finding Your Voice: 5th Chakra Sequence And Affirmations

As the Earth’s Energies grow to be increasingly supportive, we are being called to use our voices. To step into a place of authentic grace. To speak from our hearts, not out minds.

This is happening all around us.

With this shift, you may see the following occurring within yourself or your loved ones:

  1. A new willingness to speak up when you would have otherwise stayed quiet.
  2. A desire to fight for a cause you are passionate about.
  3. Productive anger that is rising out of a desire to work for what you want.
  4. People suddenly moving into your life who align with your values and who you are.
  5. A willingness to let go of people, your past, or a direction that no longer  serves you.
  6. A newfound ability to handle change as you begin to see meaning in your moments.
  7. With #6, it is becoming loads easier to support others through change and guide them on their path with clarity and ease.


With all of this, you may have developed congestion or a persistent cough as your body adjusts to using your voice in a more active and willing way. You feel amazing. You have energy to burn. You don’t have allergies. It is winter. This block in your throat/congestion is simply adjusting to energy and your body making space.

Yoga, and poses which open the throat chakra, will assist you greatly. Exercise where you get your heart rate up is one way to burn off any excess energy you have in your soul – it will also get energy flowing through your system. To encourage the throat to open specifically, here are some basic suggestions of poses and affirmation that will help in getting energy flowing more freely…

As you cycle through theses poses try to use the following technique and focus:

  • Inhale thorough the nose, exhale audibly out the mouth
  • Keep the breath DEEP, in particular, make sure your exhale is releasing and opening
  • Focus on breathing in the Affirmation associated with each pose
  • Focus also on drawing in the healing color blue at the throat.
  • Blue is traditionally associated with the throat chakra
  • Imagine as you inhale you are inhaling
    • The color, allowing it cleanse and open your throat
    • And the healing properties of the affirmation


Child’s Pose – Mother Earth Supports me. It is safe and OK to be here.

Seated Neck Rotations – I trust what is.

Cat / Cow – I open up to what is possible. I speak my truth.

Camel – I don’t have to do it alone. I can do it.(*)

Bridge / Wheel – I am strong (*)

Forward Fold – I surrender to all that life provides.

Baby Cobra – I express myself clearly and with intention

Legs up the Wall  I receive the support of the universe

(*) Wheel and Camel are advanced postures, please only attempt if this is within your practice. And message me for modifications if you require


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Additional 5th Chakra references you may want to check out:

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Excellent Reference on Chakra System: Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System 



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