High Vibration Planning for 2018

Hi Friends. I’d Love to share with you today the amazing planner I’ve used going on 3 years now. It has truly helped me with being intentional and accountable with my life. And also, immensely in aligning my goal setting with my spiritual life/self.

The Journal is Called The Power of the Mastermind.

I was first introduced to this book and process when I stumbled upon a Unity Church when I first moved to North Carolina. Although it has a spiritual connection, It is non denominational and fully supports the idea of “source” or oneness.

If you connect with the idea that God is simply something or someone greater than you this book is a good choice. If God is a Catholic God to you and you believe in Jesus this book may also be a great fit. Ultimately,  it is amazing tool if you resonate with the idea that to accomplish your goals and dreams requires help from others and putting your faith in something larger than you…. Regardless of what that something is.

For many years I had a tough go at linking my tangible life planning process with my spiritual side and connection. This book is simply one way that has worked for me. Mainly because It seems to have aligned Faith and trust with the real need to be tangible both in the short and long term.

For a long time I abandoned the idea of goal setting for a purely Spiritual outlook. I did this because things always seemed to fall perfectly into place for me. If I believed things would work out, they would. And somehow I would end up in the right place at the right time. As such, I was always naturally happy with the outcome. If I trusted the process the universe supported.

The thing was, I was not working towards my bigger dreams in the process. What I have learned along the way is it is It is possible to both set goals with and believe in karma, your destiny and faith. Really it is!

The Mastermind Journal introduced me to the idea of  a mentor-ship team. One whom you work with to in a collaborative and ongoing fashion throughout the year. Ideally this team has like minded goals. Is on a same or similar path to you, or has achieved the goals already which you are striving towards.

They act as a collaborative source of motivation. Of Inspiration. A sounding board. But most importantly, just like exercise, they act as accountability partners for you. They hold you on track towards the commitments you make to yourself.

I credit this journal to gifting me with this idea this idea, and shift.

  1. Surround yourself with 3-5 champions who wholeheartedly support you in the essence of you. And/OR embody your vision
  2. ACTIVELY work with these folks throughout the year as support team to help you in achieving your hopes and dreams.

Using this journal has forced me to think differently about the very important role teachers, guides and mentors play in my life; but ultimately the Journal is just a tool. The key is we need to play an active role in managing our own growth. And work with others who inspire us to achieve our dreams. Life is not meant to be lived in a bubble.

Who are your champions. The people you admire. Your teachers? The people who Inspire you whom you look to for advice and counsel?

Do you have a person in your life that provides a mirror for you?

I want to accomplish “x”, who can help me get there?

But ultimately it is simply: I want to accomplish this. What do I need to do I need help from to help me get there? And if I get stuck who can I rely on?

Below I have outlines a few highlights for you.

If you are interested in learning more about this. Or how to purchase one, please message me through my Facebook page or messenger. I would be happy to provide the details for you or speak to you about my experience.

Cheers to an amazing 2018!!!

Sections for

  • Contact List for Mastermind / Mentor-ship team
  • Review how you tend to respond to challenging situations – what is your go to response? Do you need to adjust or work on this in 2018? 🙂
  • Space to set an accountability plan for 2018 / Covenant to yourself
    • What you want ( what you wan to receive / accomplish)
    • what you to commit to in exchange for receiving what you want ( the work you are willing to do)
  • Review of Accomplishments for 2017
  • Space to set Goals and usable action plan for 2018
  • An affirmation / manifestation process for your action plan using I AM words
  • A 2 page yearly planner which is amazing as a visual
  • Monthly sections:
    • Broken into weeks and Days
    • Gratitude page
    • Goal page
    • Account of Daily successes and blessing

Much Love to you! And Here is to an Awe Inspiring 2018!







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