Wesak Full Moon Blessing

I wrote this poem under the Wesak Full Moon in Costa Rica in 2015. The picture shared, is from that night. Wesak celebrates the birth of Buddah, but more importantly, it is a time to welcome newness and send LOVE and blessings to Mother earth.

This full moon is an amazing time to look inward and ask yourself, what do I have to share outwardly with others? This can be very small, and little things, it does not need to be a grand gesture. How can I bring more kindness into my day? How can I make my day more about others and less about me? Ironically, even though most of us are still sheltering in place at home, as a society, we are shifting from a me first society to one of how can I help you? And this is amazing to see. With small changed In time many will organically move into a life of service.

If you feel depleted, and are struggling right now, be kind to yourself. I invite you to look inward and ask yourself what do I need to give to myself to honor what I need. What do I need to do to feel whole and my best in each moment.


Open your soul 

Expose your true self to the world 

The parts you keep locked away 

Hidden in the box you call your heart 

You are the holder of the key 

Unlock it as you wish, 

Unleashing yourself to the world 

So much to share that so very few see 

Open your heart

Share your story 

No holding back the details 

No room for being afraid 

Shining brightly the world is yours

Energy flows, support grows 

People, experiences and things drawn to you 

Honesty is admirable, respected 

An equal you contribute to all things  

Without ego and without judgement 

The world is yours to dance in 

Go dance without fear – do it

Open your heart , Open your soul 

And the world will be yours 

What are you waiting for? 


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