• Naturally sees Joy in the littlest of things
  • Connects in a meaningful way with others and the world around her
  • Is authentic and believes in one sense of self
  • Lives by the golden rule
  • Believes the world is a safe, loving and supportive place
  • Loves helping others remove fear and clear blocks which are standing in the way of embracing who they are


Meditation and Yoga Nidra Group Classes, The Meditation Room, Cornelius NC (December 2015 – April 2017)

  • Taught a variety of 1 hour guided classes
  • Content rotated weekly to ensure engagement and constant learning

Workshop Facilitator, The Meditation Room, Cornelius NC, (December 2015 – April 2017)

  • Taught 1 time and recurring revenue workshops
  • Workshops were 1 hour and an additional offering to weekly classes.
    • Loving Kindness
    • Mindfulness
    • Seasonal Balancing
    • 6-Part Energy Balancing

Logosynthesis Practice Group, Online Meet-up, (September 2017 – Current)

  • Part of a weekly practice facilitation group
  • Practice forum provides meaningful group feedback which helps refine the technique when working in a clinical setting


Logosynthesis and the Body, with founder Dr. Willem Lammers, Institute of Logosynthesis, Online, (November 2020)

SOMAtics – Pathways into Now  50 h yoga TT , Satu Tuomela

10 Week Course in Healing Somatic Trauma, Magdalena Weinstein-Comen, Intermediate Level Somatic Practitioner Safe and Sound Protocol Provider,  Yoga Tune Up Teacher, and Brain Based Educator, (April 2020  – June 2020 )

Logosynthesis and Health, with founder Dr. Willem Lammers, Institute of Logosynthesis, Online, (September 2019)

Logosynthesis Path of Trust, with founder Dr. Willem Lammers, Institute of Logosynthesis, Drogeda, Ireland (February 2018)

Logosynthesis Basic, with founder Dr. Willem Lammers, Institute of Logosynthesis, Online (November 2017)

MCKS PRANIC HEALING® Level III with Master Marilag 1 of 8 globally recognized Master Pranic Healers, Richmond, Virginia (November 2017)

MCKS PRANIC HEALING® Level I, with Master Marilag 1 of 8 globally recognized Master Pranic Healers, Balance Within Therapies, Richmond, Virginia (September 2017)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 1, with Reiki Master Ron Schaeffer, The Edmond Centre, Cornelius NC (September 2014)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 2, with Reiki Master Julia A. Wyatt, In Tune Soul Sangha Healing & Meditation Community Center , Cornelius NC (May 2019)

200 HR Yoga Completed a unique yearlong Integrative Program, with Roseanna Frechette e-RYT500 Founder & Director Inner City Yoga, (January – December 2013)

Segment One: 

  • Basic Yoga Philosophy / Principles
  • Classic postures
  • Integrating contemporary moments to flow with the breath
  • Anatomical awareness of the body
  • The Spirit of Creativity in the practice and why it matters
  • Chakra and energetic awareness
  • Core elements of the breath
  • Alignment/Strength/Flexibility/Balance/Relaxation
  • Cueing
  • Modifications
  • Emphasis on leading a practice with integrity and ethics

Segment Two

  • Ayurvedic principles
  • Yoga Sutras ( Yamas and Niyams )
  • Application of ethics and precepts in practics
  • Understanding flow
  • Building on basics: Additional postures and breathing ( Pranayama )
  • Partner yoga
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Adjustments
  • Assists and Modifications
  • Charka energies
  • The Power of Sound and Form: Mantras and Mudras

Segment Three: 

  • Yoga for special populations
  • Running an Interconnected Business
  • Engaging with your community in an active way
  • Meditation as a holistic tool for transformation
  • Meditative yoga flow
  • Establishing themes for empowerment
  • Restorative postures and practices
  • The Karmic path: Living a life of selfless service
  • Consistency and commitment for a fruitful life

128 HR Intuitive Awareness Training 7-month program taught techniques in Energy Awareness, Energy Balancing, and harnessing one’s own intuition in daily life, with Dr. Nancy Harris Professional Intuitive and Psychotherapist (October 2013 – April 2014)


Yoga Teacher

  • (e-YRT 200) December 2013 / Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga for Trauma Level 1 & 2 October / November 2016
  • 50 h TT SOMAtics June 2020

Reiki Practitioner

  • Reiki Level 1 September 2014
  • Reiki Level 2 May 2019

Pranic Healer Practitioner

  • Level 1 September 2017
  • Level 3 Psychotherapy November 2017

Logosynthesis Practitioner in Training

  • Logosynthesis Basic December 2017
  • Logosynthesis Path of Trust February 2018
  • Logosynthesis and Health September 2019
  • Member of Logosynthesis International Alliance


Yoga for Trauma – Level 2, 2 day 11 CEs with Rebecca Odom LCSW E-RYT 200 and Anna Ferguson C-IAYT E-RYT 500, The Yoga Bin, Ashville, NC, November 2016

Yoga for Trauma – Level 1, 2 day 7 CEs with Rebecca Odom LCSW E-RYT 200 and Anna Ferguson C-IAYT E-RYT 500, Elemental Healing, Charlotte, NC, October 2016

Functional Yoga Therapy Workshop, 1 Day workshop for 6 CEs, with Tailie Allen E-RYT 200, Your Karma Yoga, Mooresville, NC, September 2016

Law of Attraction Course, 3 Hour workshop, with Institute founder and Author Lisa Weinberger, Institute of Neurosculpting, Online, September 2015

Medical Intuition: An Exploration into the Science of Art and Healing, 4 Day workshop, with Dr. Norman Shealy and Carolyn Myss, Chicago, IL November 2013

Ashtanga – Primary Series, 6-part workshop, with Lisa Tendler, The Meditation Room


 Self Healing,

  • Healed personal brain injury through own wellness journey
  • Have fully embodied physical self following a Near Death Experience

iQmetrix, (December 2015 – August 2017)

  • Held various positions as company grew from 10 to 500+ employees
  • Primary roles filled included sales, marketing, operations, analytics expert, fun and happy coworker and support
  • Developed interpersonal and business skills in training, collaboration and communication which assist tremendously in my role as a teacher & healer

Bachelor of Administration,

University of Regina, Saskatchewan Canada (December 2015 – August 2017)

  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Sociology


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