Harnessing Your Light

December is a pivotal month. Light and energy have been increasing and will continue to do so as we finish out this year. For many of us, this influx is feeling off putting. For others it is exactly what we have been building towards. In either case, the amount of Light available is more than it has ever been. For those who have been following my posts, and page as my business has been evolving, I have been talking about this for a long time.

The difference now, is our conscious awareness of this process is amplifying the amount of energy and light available. This means that the more aware we become of what is happening, the more support and energy are available for our growth – – And so it is.

This increased energy can be terrifying If we do not feel safe to express who we are. But lets be honest, Who truly feels safe to stand naked in front of the world?

Every single one of us has some element of trauma. If we say we don’t, well, we are lying. I was talking to my sister the other day, who is also a gifted intuitive. We were discussing the fear of self expression. And she said Sarah, don’t you realize at this point. That everyone is “F*ck!@up, on some level?” And she could not be more right. Our conversation got me thinking. When we are afraid of expressing our true self, most often it is because we do not feel safe.

So these new supportive energies can be highly confusing. Because It is as though God / Spirit is saying, you have all the support you need to move forward with your dreams, but to do so, you must trust yourself implicitly. And this is the hardest part. As it means not being afraid of failure, rejection or acceptance. It means self accountability. And it means even if you life a life in service to others you do it because it makes sense for you and you alone.

I write to you today because many of you have reached out feeling displaced. Some of you have been forced out of your current state into unexpected change – new jobs, new relationships, new homes, for some – close friends or family members have passed.

Id like to offer some advice to bring you into balance.

Ask yourself – do you feel safe to fully express who you are?

If the answer is no, What are you most afraid of?

What have you been resisting?

What /who have you been avoiding?

What are you not confronting or dealing with?

Have you noticed in going through these questions, the same answer appears over and over again? This is because many of us have reached a place where we are VERY Clear on what we need to do and are at a point now of stepping in to DOING….. is this you?

Failing to take action now is resulting in feeling STUCK. Stay quiet for too long, and you may reach a place of anger and resentment with yourself, or those around you. Does this sound like you? Continue to do so, and you may get physically sick, as the emotions you are failing to deal with eventually manifest as illness.

All you need to do, is take a single step forward. Not some grand gesture. Not the entire plan. Just a single step to shift your energy. Simply be willing take one step towards the change you know you need to make. Perhaps it is a new job, a new home, a new hobby, better health choices.

I would like to also share some tips on staying balanced through these changes:

Water is extremely important as it will allow you to hold these new earth energies. Without water you risk mentally feeling agitated. With water your intuition will be heightened and thoughts will be free flowing. Water is also necessary to transmute and clear trauma, negativity, and karma from our physically body and energy field. Drink more of it, shower more frequently and wash your hands often.

Trust It is important to trust the process. I know, this sounds so cliche. But what is needed now is implicit trust in who you are. As you align with your purpose, know that it is ok to not know. To be ok with simply making a choice without having any idea of what is on the other side of your decision. Simply choosing is pegging you forward. Make decisions from your heart, rather than from your mind. Allowing your intuition, and higher self to drive the process.

Slow Down And Gain Perspective you may feel like time is suddenly moving really fast, or really slowly, depending on your current state of awareness. Regardless, of how you experience time, the context of your life is ultimately withing your own control. Realize nothing has changed inside and within you. Breath and you will quickly come into balance with the changes going on around you.

Self Care is Paramount Finally be intentional with your thoughts, especially when it comes to your self perception. Step back, observe yourself consciously before you take action that impact your energy. Be willing to say no when you know something does not align with your goals, your health, or your emotional well being. Practice each and every day, saying yes when you should say yes. And no when you should say no.

I look forward to sharing more with you. And remember, One Step Forward is ENOUGH.

Sarah, The Light In You


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