Balancing New Earth Energies

This weekend’s new moon was palpable. Creative energy is now literally pouring down for us to tap into and receive. We are being called to reconnect to that which is most meaningful. To tune in to our highest self and connect with the very essence of who we are. Now is the time to go inward, to listen. To truly spend the energy, effort and time to understand the crux of who we are. And to then compassionately reach out and share our essence with the world.

This support is amazing, however it is also causing overwhelm for many.

There is no where to hide, and we are being forced into a place of oneness. It is amazing and terrifying at the same time. Before the unearthing of these energies we were able to mask parts of who we were. Hide back our vulnerability. It was possible to do things with one foot in. To hold back if we were uncomfortable. Now, it is as if we can no longer do life half way. Lying to ourselves is now visible to others. Being true. Being implicit. Is the only way.

If you are highly sensitive these new energies may feel like as an infringement on your personal space and far too much to integrate all at once. Sounds are louder. Colors seem brighter. Everything can suddenly seem like too much. You look around and nothing has changed and this is immensely confusing. But you can feel it. You know something is different. And trying to take it all in is much like trying to drink water from a fire hose.

You may find yourself irritated as the energy of others seem to now overlap with your own. As we become more comfortable with each other new boundaries of space time and how we interact with form. But this will take time. Until then, it is very important to be intentional. Know that you can participate at the level you feel most comfortable.

Things you may observe about yourself and environment:

  • The sun appears brighter, especially in the early morning
  • You are suddenly intolerant of something or someone you were supportive of yesterday
  • Sounds are louder, especially other people in your immediate space
  • Communication seems misconstrued; you feel unheard or misunderstood
  • Unattended to items ( things you have been “putting off”) NEED to be dealt with
  • Experiencing an inability to be anything other than who you are
  • Intolerance of dishonesty

Physical Symptoms You May be Experiencing:

  • Vision or hearing physically improve
  • You look visibly younger
  • Overactive digestion/bowls, as you clear out energy which no longer belongs
  • Vibrant and out of the ordinary dreams containing people you know; your recall of them is surreal and almost uncanny
  • Heightened senses and intuition are allow you to tap into the personal spaces of others. For most this is unfamiliar, and will feel uncomfortable

Focus on:

  • Self care
  • Creating mental space to explore your desires
  • Being patient with yourself and others
  • Connection, with your heart, spirit and source energy
  • Nutritionally dense in season diet
  • Consuming water
  • Following through with your commitments to self
  • Aligning your physical space with your energy
    • Freeing clutter
    • Being more intentional with who you spend your time with
    • Paying attention to how you spend your time

Use the Mantra:

“May I only take in the amount of Energy that is right for me at this time.”

And so it is.


Sarah, The Light In U


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