The Role of Energetic Synergy for Growth

Now more than ever we need each other. For support. For Growth. And to help each other understand what we truly are capable of. The right person can act as the mirror you need to propel you forward in a way which you did not EVEN see as a possibility. They draw out your potential.

 This week I had multiple inspiring conversations. In some cases I reached out in others someone reached out my way. We connected. Sat down. And made time. In each case, we felt the Energistic Synergy that existed between the paths we are on. And understood that making time to support each other made sense.

There was a clear vibrational match.

 Perhaps my experience could help that person in a conversation? Perhaps they could help me. Make no mistake. This is not mentorship.

This is energetic alignment to support each other in growth.

This is mutually inspiring creativity.

This is about being an active life listener.

This is about providing conscious support through change.

This role is so important and it is one you will play and one that you will need and seek out.

Energetically times have changed.

Previously when we headed out on a new venture what used to happen is we would hear messages from our peers that may have sounded something like this:

 – “Maybe you should wait?”

– “Now may not be the time”

– “Are you sure you are ready?”

The energy of the world has shifted in such a dynamic way.  Now when we take a leap the world is in 100% and full support of what we do. People are 100% Invested in you. Messages from others in your circle may now sound like this:

 – “Go for it!”

– “You can do it!”

– “I believe in you!”

 Meetings like the ones I had this week are crucial and I value them greatly. As it is very possible that any one of us may be blocking our own potential.  The level of Belief has risen to such a high level. If you are someone with a high self worth. This also includes you. We simply have not Energetically matched this new level of belief yet. And we will get there. With the help and support of each other.

 Others are necessary now to ensure we push forward to meet our own potential. They will keep us pointed in the right direction. Help validate our next steps. And can strengthen our views and ideas, both energetically and tangibility, through their reason and objectivity.  They will act as meaningful springboards we need to inspire passion and creativity.

 We need to serve this role for each other. To be a mirror for growth. We all have it in us. How can you support someone else? How can they possibly help you. I encourage you to seek out these types of relationships and to fill them for those who need you at this pivotal time.

 A life of Service is ultimately about Giving. Is there someone in your life who could use your help today? Is there someone who could teach you something? Can you give willingly simply to add value to someone’s day? If you are feeling called to reach out to someone simply because they inspire you. Because you feel it. DO IT. Chances are, you are aligned and YOU inspire them as well.

~ Namaste.




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