Energy Forecast for The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Every time we interact with another living thing, there is an exchange of energy. Of life. This happens in body language. In conversation. In thoughts said and even in what is unspoken.

Over the last 6 months, we have been working diligently on clearing and healing our energy field. Many of us are learning, some for the very first time, how our energy and emotions extend far beyond our own personal space. And seeing how our own personal energetic imprint crosses the space time continuum. Each time we interact with another living thing we give and receive energy. Honoring this process is so important as it is how we heal. The more we understand what we need to take responsibility and accountability for the more we step into alignment with our truth. At the same time, the more in touch we become with what belongs in our personal space – physically and energetically – the stronger and more vibrant we become.

It is amazing to see so many owning their truth. Our individual efforts in healing are collectively helping to heal the planet As a result, the vibration of earth is rising so quickly now. Looking beyond the noise. Beyond the fear. Beyond the MSM, you may be noticing some or all of the following:

You are starting to look younger

The sun is warmer and brighter

You are attracting to you what you need at an increasing rate like never before

People who had fallen out of your life who were a key part of your life’s mission are reappearing

The more you focus on your mission the more you are being supported

Those who believe in you are cheering you on

It is easier to speak up about what matters

It is now painful to stay silent in areas where you know you have more to give

Staying silent may be leading to illness for some

You have little to no tolerance for ignorance

At the same time you have drawn a line in the sand to waste energy arguing a moot point

You have a new found level of respect and reverence for your body. As a result, positive choices come naturally now

There is a heightened level of connection in everything you do: you are a more active listener, more present and it is easier for you to focus on what matters.

You no longer care about being misunderstood – being honest with yourself is the driving factor

Nothing can contain you. Not time. Not space. Nor the boundaries of this earth.

You have a new found feeling of limitlessness along with a feeling of what is next

The support of this full moon and lunar eclipse present us with a palpable and tangible way to rid us of whatever it is that is preventing us from moving forward with our dreams.

Over the next 48 hours there are 3 main things to focus on:

1) What do you want to build?

2) What do you no longer need?

3) And how can you get there?

Sarah, @thelightinu


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