Trust As A Spiritual Portal

You can not pay someone to “Awaken you” or to “Increase your Vibration”. The path to awakening is one of self discovery. The key resides in reaching a place of implicit trust in the essence of who you are. What this means for each person is unique. That said, Trust is the single portal to connection with your higher self. There is no book teacher or class that can magically turn on a switch for you. We grow spiritually when we trust in ourselves and the unfolding of life.

To reach a place of trust in the self requires Willingness

Willingness to Forgive

Willingness to Be Non-Judgemental

Willingness to Be Open and Receptive

As we begin to Trust in what is, and the flow of life, we step into the energy of allowing. We begin to trust in the essence of who we are. Rather than deciding we simply are. As trust grows we live more and more in the present moment, reseting in the energy of our own BEingness. The more we allow and trust, the more we receive. The more trusting we are of life, the more open we become to spirit and spiritual direction. Our energy and light grow simply in trusting who we are.

Close your eyes, and try this Mantra. See what comes up for you, how does it feel? It may uncover areas where you could trust yourself more. If tension arises, sit with it and breath into those places. Use it as an opportunity for understanding and discovery.

The more I trust myself, the more the universe trusts me.


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