About Sarah

Hi! I am Sarah. I appreciate you visiting my page. A mentor of mine once shared the wise words: “don’t get it right get it written.” When we have something meaningful to share, we owe it to the world to use our voice and get it out there.


For too long. I have been disregarding these wise words of his.

14524338_672089066273922_1685594064748403379_oI am now ready to take his advice. On this blog I will be sharing my story and my experience. My Journey. And the knowledge I have learned. In my own search for health and personal healing I have attending useful and meaningful trainings in Yoga. Energy work. Reiki. Intuitive awareness. Trauma/yoga therapy. Energy medicine. It is a long list. I am, and will always be, a seeker and a lifelong student. I am now ready to start the process of sharing who I am and what I have learned up to this point with you. As I believe strongly it is meant to be shared with you.

For those who enjoy the content on my personal Facebook page, you will enjoy my new blog. I will be writing articles and sharing similar content to that which I had been sharing on my personal Facebook. If you have enjoyed my posts, I invite you to follow:

My life and journey have taught me inner strength and I have so many people to thank for this! My goal with this blog is the content I share in the fields which inspire me, may also inspire you. It is my goal that any reader of the content here will find content which sparks the light within who they are. Content will focus predominately on energy and energy therapy and the practical ways I have applied my teachings to maintain a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

Deep within each one of us we have a Light. A Voice which is meant to be heard and shared. We are all equal and what we have to say matters. When we disregard this, it results in a crippled feeling. We are unhappy. And unfocused. When we are true to who are. And listen to the light within us. We are so much more fulfilled. So much happier.

This is a daily practice.

And a daily commitment we must make to ourselves.

Writing is good for the Soul. Sharing it with others is even more cathartic. I thank you for reading and joining me here, on my life journey. I have always looked up to those have actively shared their teachings but I myself have lacked the courage to write. No more!

Much Love ~ Namaste,



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