Ascension Symptoms and Tips for Processing

Since May of this year the intensity in the Earth’s Energy has Amplified at a level we have never experienced before. It can be seen in the sky and felt in our bodies. As we receive more light energy here on earth, physical symptoms will continue to surface for many over the coming days and weeks. Below is a list of some of the symptoms you may experience and tips on how to alleviate.

Weight Gain For Protection there is an energetic reason for weight gain. Our bodies will often put weight on subconsciously when we do not want to be seen. It is used as a protective mechanism, a suit of armor if you will, when we are afraid of exposing who we are to the world. As we grow spiritually, it is very common to gain weight, especially in the mid section. Often rather than in the belly weight is gained slightly higher, surrounding the solar plexus as a safe guard of one’s power.

Increased Heat. as we continue to receive light, our body learns over time to metabolize the energy. Initially this energy is particularly difficult on your adrenal glands. If we do not take the right steps in self care, we can and will end up in adrenal fatigue. Heat for many will increase midday, when the sun is the highest, and in the evening, when the world is most quiet. You may find yourself hot even indoors in the hours of midday sun. For those open to the process heat will enter from the crown, for those less receptive it may enter through the root, hands or feet. You may also experience the sensation of a heat increasing in the entire body. As it rises up the spine. All over body heat is most often felt at night between the hours of 1 AM and 3 AM, the hours where our liver is normally at work detoxing our body. For this reason, it is important to avoid / limit alcohol.

Detoxing light acts as a purifier, cleansing all of our bodies of that which does not belong. This includes our Emotional body, Physical body and Spiritual body.

Emotions will come to surface that will likely make no logical sense or connection to the experiences you are having in the here and now. As you begin to process emotional energy held in your body, a disconnect / discord will form between your current life state and your mental understanding of the present moment. It takes space and time to catch your mental cognition up to your new emotional awareness. As you evaluate your life, aspects of it may no longer make any sense at all to you. You may develop a strong pull to want to quit everything and be alone. I encourage you not to do this. Surround yourself with friends you trust. Confide in others who may be experiencing the same thing.

Physically, you may experience some or all of the following. Redness. Rashes. Blemishes. Itching. Many will detox through the skin. Decrease in appetite. Strong Aversions to certain foods and drinks. Dizziness. headaches. Nausea. Significant changes in bowel movements. Alignment of bowel movements with processing of emotions. Changes in menstrual cycle. Alignment of menstrual with external earth energies, most commonly, the moon. Physically looking unexplainably younger

Psychic and Intuitive As you align with your internal self and your emotional body, intuition grows, trust in the self increases, trust in the flow of life increases. An energy of allowing softens perceptions and judgements. Access to psychic realms and other dimensions open. Awareness of other energies grow this may or may not include the following: a “a new indescribable presence in you personal space”, paranormal energy – including ghosts and or/ poltergeists, dreams that do not appear to be your own, developing an ability to connect with other dimensions, receiving spiritual guidance and direction from guides / your higher self / angels. Regardless of what experience you may be having, I encourage you to not be afraid. What is happening can not harm you.

Resurfacing of Physical Health Issues Light brings to the surface issues that need to work their way out, and heal. This can be extremely challenging as things you thought you clearly had moved past come to the surface – yet again. Defeat may set in. It is common to resist your own healing as we look upon the task at hand. However, The more you resist the more life will mirror back and validates the exact changes you need to make. Eventually light wins, and healing will come when you are willing to make decisions that lead to the real changes you know in your heart you need.

Disassociation and Confusion increased energy will result in feeling ungrounded and exhausted for many. Especially between the hours of mid-day sun, and on days where the Sun is the strong in the lunar cycle. As one increases there ability to hold light, this will subside. It is important to note you have complete control over this process and the speed at which it unfolds. Use the intention: May I only receive the amount of Energy that is right for me at this time.

Interference With Technology Technological interference may occur as a result of heightened intuition. You may experience: a cell phone or computer short circuiting when you it. Power and or lights flashing in and out. Unexplainable interference with the TV. An inability to hear someone on the other end of the phone. There are others, but these are the main ones.

What can you do to help?

Be Intentional. in your thoughts, words and actions. The more intentional you are in your day and with your time, the easier it is to align and reground yourself.

Water. clean and pure water is extremely important. It serves two purposes: it purifies our cells of energy that does not belong as well as keeps us open to receive.

Rest. Take on only what is necessary and learn to say no to that which does not belong. The more you listen to what you need the more balanced you will become.

Alkaline Foods. Avoid processed foods, hard alcohol, moderate caffeine. Limit sugar intake. Eat as much from the earth foods as possible. If possible, grow your own food as it will quicken the process of creating a natural balance with nature for you.

Movement. We store energy in our body. As you grow to be conscious of this process, move your body. Any type of Movement is fine. Movement will free energy on a subconscious level creating space for more healing to occur.

Allow yourself space to feel. As emotions come up allow yourself the physical space to process them. Accept where you are. Feel it for what it is. Breath in to it. Be with it. And allow it to go or stay.


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