Facing Our Fears

I have written a fair amount about the supportive energy available now to lift us up in our dreams. Our goals. And our aspirations. What I have not mentioned is the danger of staying quiet when you have something to share and say. Every one of us has something to give. Looking around I see so many with hearts bursting open with so much love, compassion overfilling. And sadly, what is beginning to happen is this love, for some, is turning to sadness stemming from fear and resentment. It does not need to.

I look around and see those I love with sadness in their eyes. Wanting and so much to give to themselves. To those they love. To the world even. And fear is crippling them from moving forward. Largely because external energies are fighting so hard at this time to keep us from growing and evolving. Please do not let that be you.

It is true, we are are in a challenging period right now. However, nothing has changed in the immediate except our perceptions and awareness have heightened. We have become increasingly aware of both light and dark energies. This is forcing us to face our deepest fears in the face. It is terrifying. It is as though the world is reflecting back your own inadequacies. On top of it, the media feeds us with so much spiritual “fluff”. What you read see and hear is likely not what you are feeling inside, and that is ok! Honesty with yourself is ultimately what is most important at this time.

Above all is is so important to be encouraging and supportive of the hopes, goals, aspirations and dreams of those around you. Be kind. And be cautious of how incredibly influential each and everyone of us is upon each other. The influence we have on each other extends so much deeper than our words. It is out unspoken thoughts. Our body language. The energy we choose to send out, or not to send. Each one of us has the power in every moment to either lift another person up or mute their voice.

It is your choice.

When we feel muted – unable to speak up. Our bodies will start to shut down. First, emotionally, and then, physically as we begin to get sick.

Think about it. When you feel as though you can not or should not share what truly matters to you. First, you will make excuses internally to yourself as to why you are staying quiet. Then, you begin to get outwardly angry as you observer others doing the things you love while you sit back quietly busying yourself with tasks that do not align with who you are. Next, you become resentful. And finally you shutdown.

In the process your body is under undue stress. You become frustrated with life. And perhaps the saddest part of all, you begin to question that what you have to share and to give may not be enough. This is not the case. When you process what is really going underneath all of this you find you are disappointed for not showing up in the way you know you are capable of. At the core this all stems from misguided perceptions of what may or may or may not be acceptable. Be that nothing more than someone else’s opinion. Or your own belief or view.

So it really does not matter. Here is a link to some yoga exercises which can assist with opening the Throat Chakra. Ultimately, It is important we are aware of our tendency to shut down at this time. To Wall up. To close down. To “hermit” and to go internal with what we have to say. Awareness that this is happening will help us in continuing to stay open and communicative. Supportive of others. And A channel of spirit.

Ask yourself in each moment How can your support your neighbor. Your co-worker. Your friend? Am I being harmful or helpful.

Here is a list of other recommendations which have worked for me:

  • Be selective of who you allow in your personal energetic space
  • Stop watching mainstream media and news ( if you still do )
  • Limit your time on social media
  • Work towards building a life where you can authentically express yourself
  • Align your work and home life as closely as possible
  • Be Intentional with how you spend your time and who you spend it with
  • Find a Healthy outlet of Emotional expression (Yoga, The Gym, Running)
  • Friendships & Family who will actively listen to your goals and concerns
  • Clearing my personal energy field daily – body and home
  • Free form writing



The Light In U


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