Tips For Cellular Regeneration

HI everyone. You may not have noticed I have made some extreme changes in my life recently. After having Covid twice in the last 2 years my system was not recovering in the way I knew I was capable of. I am far too young to do life half way! Not feel amazing every day is simply unacceptable and not how I want to do life. I have always made pretty good choices. I grow a lot of my own food. A lot of the rest of what I eat comes from local farmers. Good choices aside, my system has simply not been functioning where it needs to be.  

Covid hit me hard Neurologically. I experienced extreme neuropathy where I had numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. I also experienced, like many, severe and visible hair loss. To heal the neuropathy and regrow my hair I am doing what I know is needed to heal my brain and body at a cellular level.  

I wanted to share what I have been doing in an attempt to possibly help others…. 

1) Remove any and all additives from your Diet – This means both what you put in your body and on your body. Avoid any and all processed foods to remove all colors, additives preservatives and chemicals. I know this sounds extreme but it is possible. There are products on the marked that support this way of eating and living. Many are shelf stable and made with Lemon Juice. You can even find candy for your kids colored with Natural Ingredients rather than red #5.  

2) Find a Spring Water Source for Drinking and Avoid City Water – Tap Water is devoid of minerals and heavily chlorinated. I had attempted to use a filter to clean my tap water but it did not provide the level of purity my body was needing to heal so I have invested in water delivery for drinking and continue to filter my tap water for cooking. This has made a substantial difference in my health and healing. I set a goal to try and drink a gallon per day but I do not always achieve that. 

3) Introduce Intermittent Fasting – Consider introducing a window where you are not digesting Food. This gives your body a period to Rest and work to restore cellular health and regenerate. Personally I stop eating each night by 10 PM and do not eat until 2 PM the next day. This works with my schedule and provides an 8 hour eating window each day that works best with my schedule and day.  

4) Remove or Reduce Inflammatory Foods My body does not tolerate excessive amounts of dairy, gluten or sugar. As a genral rule I try to limit all dairy gluten and sugar in my daily choices. My body does so much better when I avoid heavy carbohydrates and stick to grains, beans and legumes instead. I don’t know if it is the gluten, The yeast or both but I get super bloated almost instantly. Dairy will almost immediately cause my face to break out and it also causes me instant congestion. I love both bread and cheese but if I have them there is a cost. And it is becoming almost not worth it when I know how my system responds. When I choose cheese I tend to go with ones that are low in casein such as Fresh mozzarella goat or feta. I also use Unpasteurized fresh farm butter and cream. 

5) Reduce Caffeine Intake I used to drink about a pot of coffee per day. I would have at least 6 cups in the morning and 2 – 3 cups in the afternoon. I have cut back to 2-3 cups in the morning. I make my coffee out of spring water and focus more on quality over quantity.  

6) Remove or Reduce Alcohol As earths energies continue to increase my body’s ability to metabolize alcohol has decreased substantially. My ability to recover when I have alcohol has also decreased so much that In the last month I have almost quit drinking completely. It has been hard. So much of my social life is wrapped around going for a drink or being with friends for drinks I have been working through how this looks and feels. Rather than having 3 or 4 drinks I may have 1 or 2 or none. I have switched to drinking CBD water on N/A drinks. I feel a lot better my life is more organized. I feel lot more productive. Thanks for all of my friends and family who have supported me in my choices over the past month and moving forward. I am still trying to work through what this looks and feels like socially. 

7) Spend Time Each Day In Nature We are basically just like a plant and we need the sun to do well and thrive. Even if you work inside in an office make it a goal to spend some time each day outside. The pretties parts of the day are the early morning and the golden hour in the evening. Even 15 minutes will do you wonders. 

8) Surround yourself with Living Things. Consider having plants in your home or owning a pet. The addition of a water fountain in you home can also be so healing. In your yard plant a garden you can tend to. When we surround our self with living breathing things we benefit from the life energy of the living breathing ecosystem we are creating in our personal spaces. 

9) Connect to Your Community Healing and change are so much easier with the support and love of your community family and friends. When you are going through change reach out to the people you care about to let them know what you are going through, how you feel and ask you help if you need it. Look for others who may be going through similar things so that you can have a meaningful connection to your own personal experience. This will help immensely in your growth and provide support and encouragement for your journey.  

10) Focus On Plant Based and Local Make a point of knowing where you food comes from and choose organic non gmo sources whenever possible. Ultimately work to avoid pesticides and chemicals. Just because something is not labeled as organic does not make it a bad choice. Certain countries, do not allow Spraying and all produce is essentially “organic”. If growing your own food is not an option Buy Local before going to the grocery store if that’s an option. It is such a powerful experience to speak to your local farmer and get to know them. There is so much love and energy that goes into the process of farming. When we build a relationship with our local producer there is an energy transference of gratitude and appreciation that forms between you and the food you are consuming. 

11) Reduce Your Daily Exposure to 5G Make a concerted effort to use your phone on speaker phone only. Turn your data and wifi off at night ( airplane mode works ) Even consider unplugging your Router from your wall. Consider investing in a pair of blue blocking lenses to protect your eyes from Blue light while you are working.

12) Spend Some time each day for Dedicated Self Care For me this means going for a walk, spending time in the garden, making at least 10 minutes a day for meditation and getting up early enough each day to have a bubble bath with a coffee.


The Light in You ❤


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