For Scott Levinson. My Mentor And Forever Friend.

All good things come to a gentle close

The last note is sung

The final clap

The curtains close

And we move on

On to life’s next adventure


Taking with us the joy

Of all we have experienced

Along the way


That which defines us


Makes us who we are

Our unique versions of us


Taking it With Us

To share with the next crowd


In the next city


For the next show

In our next adventure, which we call LIFE


The Curtain opens

Everything is foreign 




We are excited at the joy of what is to come


We pause and realize


Who we are

What we take with us

And What we leave behind

Will Always be there


In this adventure we call life

You see, As one curtain closes

Another one opens


We are the star

The star of our own movie 

The lights are on us

And everyone is proudly cheering us on


In This Great Adventure 

Our Life 

This precious gift


An Original Poem By Sarah Tuff

Please Kindly Only Reshare in full, not in part, with a link to the original 



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