The Spiritual Causes of Inflammation

In the past two years, year especially, I’ve witnessed countless people encounter bouts of severe inflammation and allergies. Their flare ups seem to come out of no where as they suddenly react to something they previously loved, ate or drank all the time. Can you relate this? I know I can.

I should clarify, I am not a doctor. Let me follow that by saying. I do not think that it matters. Our intuition is more powerful than we will ever comprehend in this lifetime. And we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if we are willing to do the inner work that is necessary.

I suffered for years from Eczema as a child. I remember it was so bad I would douse my hands and feet before bed in creams and then cover them up with gloves and socks to keep from scratching. It was horrible. It would crack so badly it would bleed. And eventually, I outgrew it. Until last year in December , when it resurfaced, seemingly out of nowhere. When I look at what was going on in my life at the time I would be lying if I told myself the rash wasn’t directly linked to my currently state of affairs. I had changed jobs, careers, industries. My entire routine had changed. What previously provided a sense of grounding and stability had changed completely. My body reacted. I suddenly became intolerant of gluten and dairy. Any amount of alcohol would also cause my face to flare up. It was as though my body was saying to me what are you doing to me? Or perhaps for me?

I think we reach a point of clarity. Where we know what we know we need to do to heal. At the very least we know change is needed. We acknowledge we need to take steps towards supporting who we are. We can either do the work or sit in silence. When we reach this place, our body often reacts physically in rashes or with inflammation. Things get worse when we respond with resistance, refusing to shift or make a change that we know we need. When we bottle up emotions, or use too many bandaids, eventually our body tells us enough is enough. Bandaids and hiding may work temporarily, but eventually we need to do the inner work. We need to make the dietary changes and lifestyle choices that support our spiritual path.

This is incredibly hard. Trust me, I have been there. As the changes needed often require a lifestyle far different than what we we are currently living. In order to heal we must consciously choose differently. Choose better. We must show up for ourselves everyday. And when we dont, we must love ourselves. Be forgiving, dust ourselves off, and show up again.

Make no mistake your diet and lifestyle are directly related to your spiritual growth. If you would like help in aligning your spiritual path with your dietary choices, I can help. Please reach out.


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