Basics for A New Moon Ritual

  • Create a Sacred Space. In my opinion there are no rules for this! Simply create any quiet space free of distraction where energy can flow freely.


  • Purify and Cleanse the Space Using sage, incense, or simply the power of intention, ask that the space you are using be free of any energy which does not serve you. I like using the words: “Father, Mother, God I ask that this space be clear of any thought forms, negativity, debris or energy which does not support me in the intentions I am about to set.” Once you say these words aloud, close your eyes and give the words a moment to clear and heal the space for your practice.


  • Connect In – Clear and open your energy With your eyes closed, breathe in deeply. Take as much time as you need to connect in with the energy of your breath. Focus your mind, breath and energy inward toward your heart center. Once you feel, calm, connected, present and in your body move to focus on the crown chakra. Ask that your crown be open and that you be receptive to receiving the energy and intentions you need. As you breathe in, visualize white light entering in at the crown. Take it in. Allowing the crown to open, light to flow inward, and sit until you are fully in a state of receptivity.



  • Invoke For a Blessing of Your Ritual From Mother Earth. “To Mother Earth, all life which graces our planet, I humbly invoke for your blessing and ask for your hand in setting intentions for what is in my highest and best good this moon cycle. Please bless me with your wisdom and guidance.”



  • Journal and Say Aloud the Intentions You Wish To Manifest. In a notebook, write down those things you wish to manifest during this moon cycle. Make note of any intentions and goals you wish to work towards.



  • Bless your intentions and Give Gratitude. Set your intentions in motion as though they have already taken place. Close your eyes and visualize and take a moment to create a clear picture in your mind’s eye of what it would look like if what you are working towards were already here. Once it is clear reflect in gratitude  – say aloud “And So It Is!” Be sure to say this with conviction and believe.


  • Close Your Energy Down. Close your eyes breath in, and state “May I retain only the level of energy that is suitable for me in this moment. And may all excess energy return to the earth.”


Namaste ~

Sarah ❤

Image Credit: The Spirit Science


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