Spiritual Evolution

Since December 21st 2020, you may have noticed your context of time shifting dramatically. Some days seem very long, others seem to pass by in the blink of an eye. At the same time, your sleep may be interrupted. Most commonly between 3 AM and 5 AM, perhaps 1 AM to 5 AM. As you lie awake in this window, the night drag on for what feels like days. Consciously your mind not able to make any sense of what is happening. You may find yourself lying awake for what seems like an eternity. You fall asleep for 5 min, to roll over and wake back up again expecting that it will now be two or three hours later. You find only minutes have passed.

I know this, as went through this process in 2014. It was difficult as there was no one to relate to. At first, I thought I was being haunted. I then came to realize, as my energy was evolving, dimensions of time and space were intersecting. This is an extremely confusing process to the human mind as time provides us with so much context and grounding in our human existence. With no context of time we can feel completely ungrounded.

When I went though this process an Intuitive and Healer I was working with the time helped me understand that it was my own energy evolving and opening up. The moment I stopped being afraid of the process is the moment I started to evolve spiritually and energetically. I am sharing this now, after all these years, as there are so many starting to go through this process. Opening up to to new dimensions and using more of your heart and energy is a gift, and not something to be afraid of.

I can offer you this use daily to bring you balance the Mantra:

I accept the amount of energy that is right for me at this time.
I am content and it is safe and ok to be me. 

Once I started to accept energy flowing into my life at night, energy started to open up within my physical body and I started to receive downloads during the day. This happened as I grew comfortable with the process. I started to feel energy streaming through my hands feet and head. Eventually I could feel energy moving through my entire body. Heat rose. I constant experienced ringing in the ears. In meditation I would see light behind my eyes which was otherworldly. I have so much to share about this time in my life.

As I grew in my ability to channel energy, my physical body changed. I started to look younger. Increased energy and light physically changes our human structure. It is amazing. Alcohol would burn out my adrenals. I had to change my diet drastically or I felt sick. I started eating a high alkaline diet and cut out additives, sugar and nearly all stimulants. I started working out more, to help burn off energy which I was unable to process. I helped immensely in supporting my process. I was able to sleep better. With the supportive live changes I made my intuition grew to a level I did not know possible in this world.

I started to receive information not only about my own life path, but that of others. I became connected to not only what may happen in the future, but also what happened in the past. This part of the process was difficult for me. As I started to channel past lives and connect with past relatives of people I cared about. There is a lot that exists in the underworlds much of it can be quite dark. Seeing it was more than I was able to process at times.

I was scared and at this point I began to block my own process. Certain energies would terrify me. Although I knew nothing could physically harm me, it was so much to process on my own. I felt so incredibly alone. Talking to others felt so un-relatable. I would numb myself with alcohol or set strong intentions with spirit that I was not interested. I came to realize how strong the mind is. It is amazing really.

When I finally go back to my practice, I would spend hours in meditation and avoid yoga, something I loved. Yoga would force me into my body and that felt uncomfortable. For years I avoided emotions and escaped in my mind. On the outside I seemed happy. But I would never ask for help and avoided dealing with most difficult things. It is so hard to be in this world and of it sometimes. And is so easy to exist in a bubble as a non-active participant. Eventually life will catch up with you. We need each other to grow and evolve.

In the last few years I have been working hard on being grounded in reality to find my place here. I know I have so incredibly much to give. But know that to help others has required working on myself. We can only give to others in an authentic way when we heal and help ourselves first.

If you are going through this process right now. I see you. And honor very much what you are going through. Do not be afraid. It is an amazing process to evolve energetically and spiritually.

Much Love, Sarah @thelightinu


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