The Energy of the Moon

I like to think of the moon as nature’s natural clock.

A way of keeping us on energetic track in mind and body throughout the month. It is a guide. And such a wonderful teacher….

Thus, Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to doing certain activities at specific times of the lunar cycle. And doing so has brought a lot of balance and harmony to my life.

In this post I’ll cover off the basics of how a moon’s cycle works and provide some tips on how you too can balance your life with the moon’s energy. To help you out,  I’ve pulled together some of the tools I use from those I consider experts in the area of the moon. Placing them all in one place should be helpful if syncing up with the moon is something you aspire to do.

As you line yourself up with the moon, and find what works for you, you too may find the moon to be a great place of balance.

Lunar Cycle 101

Each month our moon transitions through the same 28 day cycle. Moving from dark – to full of light – to dark again. We can see this as gave up at the sky to see the moon grow and shrink. Each phase brings with it a unique energy and thus, a unique opportunity for growth and healing.

Each new moon offers up the opportunity to set new intentions. To bring fresh energy into our lives. For newness, and to begin again. Whereas each full moon provides the opportunity for release and completion. To set in motion the intentions we had set at the beginning of the cycle and to let go of anything we no longer need to hold on to. Focusing in, we can retain only those things that best serve us and willingly moving forward.

In learning to harness the energy of moon we can gain natural support from nature to propel us forward in manifesting what our soul most deeply desires. Life is ultimately about growth. If you relate this idea to the moon, you can think of it in a basic cycle of:  Newness — Intention — Manifestation — Realization/Growth — Release — Repeat.

I absolutely love the below info-graphic from Ezzie Spencer. Her blog, Lunar Abundance,  offers a great starting place for understanding when and why you would want to plan certain activities within particular cycles of the moon. I reference this info-graphic often, and very much appreciate the affirmations which correspond with each lunar cycle.


YIN vs. YANG Energy: What Does This Mean?

As the moon cycles through its phases, we are supplied with a particular amount of energy. Some of the time, the energy is YIN ( quiet, calm and reflective ) whereas others the energy is YANG (think charging ahead and energized!). In Yin times we tend to crave being more inward and reflective, and Yang times more outward and engaged.

This basic idea is the core of understanding why you may want to plan certain activities at different times than others. And also why you may crave more self-care and internal time during different times of the month as well.

New Moon vs. Full Moon

Because most of us relate most to the NEW and the FULL moon, I am going to touch on those below. If you want to dig more deeply into all of this or are seeking knowledge of the other phases specifically, I would really look to  Lunar Abundance. For an easy to understand monthly astrological outlook I would take a look at Moonwoman, as well as Mysticmamma. My good friend Marybeth, also does a great job of offering Monthly astrological readings to correspond with the Lunar Cycles. If this is something you would be interested in, reach out to her! Her readings are great. Here also is a great blog on Yin & Yang energy and the moon.

New Moon

  • The moon is dark making it easier to go inward, connect with the earth and hold space in our heart for our soul’s purpose
  • A chance to begin again and for manifesting what you desire
  • Time for setting intentions for newness and setting a clean slate
  • A great time to literally plant seeds if you are a gardener!
  • Spend mental time visualizing  – creating yourself in your ideal vision
  • Set goals/intentions for achieving what is in your greatest and highest good
  • Consider a moon journal where goals are set with each new moon

Full Moon

  • The moon is full of light and holds space for us to release any aspects we may have outgrown, while at the same time illuminates what best serves us moving forward
  • A chance to release energy / patterns you no longer need
  • If you started a moon journal, reflect on your goals set at with the New Moon
  • Set an intention for release of what no longer serves you and retain what you want
  • Focus on the willingness to let go of what you need to propel you forward
  • Sit in gratitude of what you have accomplished
  • Take accountability for where you are
  • Give thanks and reflect on who helped you get to where you are this month
  • Commit to move forward with what best serves you
  • A good time for an energetic cleansing salt bath

Best Time for Different Activities Based on Moon Cycle

What Cycle Why
Go On A Date Between end of New Moon and beginning of the Waxing Moon Highest point of positive energy
Sign A Contract First 3 days of the Full Moon Ensures the highest level of fairness and honesty
Lose Weight Waning Moon The Waning moon is known as the “Banishing moon” as it can help remove/rid something no longer needed
Quit a Bad Habit Waning Moon Banishing energy
Leave an Unhealthy relationship Waning Moon Banishing energy
Clear Unhealthy beliefs/emotions Waning Moon Banishing energy
Attend an Interview New Moon Increased chance of success. New Moon also encourages new ideas and provides confidence
Make Important Business Decisions New Moon Supportive positive energy
End A Relationship Waning Moon Banishing energy
Get Married Between Waxing Moon and Full Moon Marriage on the actual full moon can cause tension

Waning moon will encourage arguments

Take A Holiday New Moon Waning Moon is most commonly associated with delays / problems so if at all  possible avoid traveling at this time.

Photo Credits/Lunar Abundance/

References/Lunar Abundance/Express/Moonwoman/Mysticmamma/ Marybeth/


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