Disconnect to Reconnect

Imagine if we consciously paid attention to what we shared with another….

Thought about the words coming out of our mouths when we spoke. “How will what I’m about to say impact the other person?” “Is what I am saying going to be fully understood?” “Will it be understood in the way I intended it to be?”…

Imagine if we took the time to make sure that what we shared actually carried the meaning it was supposed to?…If we collected input rather than made assumptions about how the other person interpreted what came out of our mouth… If we took that little bit of time to check… To make sure that what we spoke was not only heard, but understood. Wow. Communication and our interactions would sure change in a lot of cases wouldn’t they?!

Imagine that if at the same time, we LISTENED. Really listened to what others shared with us.

We asked questions when we were uncertain.

Showed real interest.

Made a point of truly connecting when others were speaking instead of worrying about what we would say next. Instead of running through our to-do list or staring off into space. Or even worse…. Down at our phones! Imagine if we looked the person in the eyes. And Listened. Really listened

Imagine how important and special that person would feel. Imagine the connections we would start to build with one and other. And how the world would change. Bit by bit with the meaning we would instill.

If we simply made a point of disconnecting from the small distractions that are pulling us away from being with that person. In that moment. And connecting with them in a meaningful heart-centered way. Technology. The pace of society. Our to-do lists. And countless other things are pulling us further away from our ability to be emotionally available. From being able to connect with the people who need us. Who simply need us to be available. Present. For us to be able to Listen. Be available.


For us to open our hearts.

What is your experience? Do you find people are moving towards being more connected and engaged. Or are closing off. It all starts with an awareness of our communication and a willingness to connect in the moment. Bit by bit, connecting in the moment, we are in service to one another.





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