Acceptance Heals

You can not heal what you do not accept. Without acceptance, one remains in resistance. Acceptance does not need to mean embracing values as your “new normal” nor does it need to mean changing who you are in any way to align with your external environment. It does mean acknowledgment, tolerance, and making peace with what is.

I think the most interesting thing about the world right now is how our personal growth and evolution is now directly and implicitly tied to our ability to accept what is. It is through acceptance, and acceptance alone, we will move past our fear and our anger and heal as a collective.

When I watch what is going on I see so many hiding from the outside world. Doing the things they need to take care of themselves – which is great! – but they are not no longer really participating in the world around them. Self care in isolation will work…. for a while. But eventually we have to pick our head up and be active participants in life. This means participating in no matter what form life presents itself to you. It can be terrifying. But when we resist, and say no to life we stunt our own progress. We cut ourselves off from the support of others. And stop the natural flow of life.

Its is so important to say yes to life.

We only have so many days. So many Breaths. Do you really want to spend them angry? Life may look different for you now, than it did a few months ago. I know mine does, but your life still belongs to you – and you alone. If today was a painting, could you sign your name to it at the end of the day? Proud of how you spent your moments? They belong to you.



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