The Logosynthesis® Method

I would like to share with you one of favorite methods for healing and restoring energy. Logosynthesis. Logosynthesis is a method developed by Dr. Willem Lammers.

The basic principles, are as follows:

  1. Each of us is born pure, complete in the unique essence of who we are.
  2. Energy either is in flow or it is not.
  3. Energy either belongs to you or it does not.
  4. Energy becomes frozen at a point in time.

Logosynthesis can be used to remove and restore energy which  has been displaced. This can happen as a result of our life experiences over time. Life Energy or Essence ends up frozen or stuck when we have an experience which does not agree with the essence or purity of who we are. When we repeat this same experience, this can build in our field.

Perceptions form daily out of response to our daily human experience. and overtime, we become great at adapting. However our energy is often not fully being utilized towards our mission and purpose here in earth.

Logosynthesis helps restore the flow of energy so it can be utilized fully.

The concept of how Logosynthesis is applied is simple.

Specific words are used to heal a perception we have formed which triggers a negative stress response. This perception may take the form of an image, sound or be sensory in nature.

Once the technique is applied to neutralize a trigger we perceive as “stressful” one often finds the high level stress response reduces or even goes away! Once this happens one is able to move past the trauma which caused the triggered response to be there in the first place.

I love it as it does not require we dig up old wounds through hours of talk therapy. Instead, we simply neutralize the trigger that causes the response. And change or no longer have the same response.

Want to learn more? Feel free to reach out to me directly. I would be happy to work with you in a personal coaching session.

There is also an upcoming Logosynthesis Basic Class or to learn more about the method feel visit Willem’s Website here


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