Plant Energy Transference

Have you ever been walking in nature and felt like the plants were talking to you? I am referring to those magical moments when the sun’s warmth radiates down. Light glistens like a blanket through the trees. And you feel somehow in awe.  Connected. A part of something bigger. There is transference of energy between the sun and plants that is undeniable. Truthfully, my love of gardening grew out of my love for nature and a deep rooted yearning to want to connect to a life force that flows from the sun, through the plant, and onward to us. 

We learn all about photosynthesis in 4th grade. When the sun shines –> a plant produces energy –> and we, as humans consume it.  Buried under all this right brained logic, is so much more than the simple function of producing oxygen. There is connection. There is a sense of meaning. There is life.  When you are in nature you can feel energy in your soul, in your bones.  Perhaps even sense when you simply close your eyes. When we acknowledge the profound connection we have with nature, it is amazing how drastically things can change in our lives and how our health can be positively impacted.

We take in the energy plants provide for us in two main ways: Indirectly, in how we experience and interact with nature, and Directly through the nutrients we consume in the plants we eat to nourish and fuel our bodies.

Indirect Plant Energy Transference might look something like this. Energy flows from the sun, to the plants who produce oxygen and air for us. Yippee look at me Soaking up all that oxygen and sun. All happy in nature. Simply being in nature is life giving and this energy flows on to us who feel invigorated. With sun on our face and feet on the earth we are happier.

Indirect Plant Energy Transference

I choose to grow my own food and eat local not only for the nutritional benefits. There is more energy and life in our food when it is grown ourselves or from someone we know. The gardener or farmer nurtures the plant, pouring his or her hard work and love into the process.  When we grow our or buy local, love and appreciation enter into the mix.  When you pick a plant you grew yourself or buy from your local farmer the love that gets poured into the process is transferred on to you!

Direct Plant Energy Transference may look like this. An individual grows food with their tender love and care. And somewhere down the chain, another individual consumes that same plant.  The energy put in to grow and nurture the plant are passed on directly to the person who consumes it. As are the nutrients of the plant. You see, what we receive extends so far beyond simply what we eat to the energy that is directly passed on to us as part of this process.

Direct Plant Energy Transference

Gardening and our food choices are just one way of building a connection with plants and the cyclical and symbiotic relationship we have with nature. There are many ways. Here are some other ways you can bridge your connections with plants and your nutritional choices: 

  1. Educate Yourself learn about the nutrients that are in the food you consume. When you eat, do it with understanding, and body will absorb the nutrients so much more effectively!! This practice will also help you make better choices for your body. 
  2. Give Thanks Be conscious and respectful of nature whenever you are enjoying it. Be respectful and choose to send out an energy of appreciation. Overtime, you will build an active relationship with nature and your environment. 
  3. Be Humble When you eat a plant take time to acknowledge the love hard work and energy it took for someone to grow what you are eating. 
  4. Don’t Waste! Take from the earth only what you can use. 
  5. Give Back Replenish the nutrients the earth needs to produce food for you by composting plant scraps back into the soil. 
  6. Buy Local Get to know and buy from your local farmers. When we buy nutritious food directly from grower, and receive it with an energy of appreciation, we gain the most benefit are active participants. This is because the relationship between what we are eating and who grew it is not broken. If buying local is not possible, apply the same principles to the food you are purchasing in the store.  Remember that someone somewhere always grew your food for you!
  7. Grow Your Own If possible try your hand at gardening. Growing your own food will give insight into the energy it takes to produce food. When you harvest your crop, harvest it consciously with appreciation and love. 

Much Love, 



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