Signs You Are Releasing Energy From The Body

When we take time to tune in to the physical signs our body gives us, it sure can tell us a lot. Energy began really accelerating last July 2017 following the Solar Eclipse. The amount of light, energy and love now available to us here on the planet is more so than ever and increasing at an increasing rate.

So, What does this mean?

It means we as humans are healing. We are actively processing memories. Trauma. and most importantly, we are uniting. As we seek out individuals who can assist us with our inner work we come together as a collective.  In the process energy is actively moving and releasing through our body. Because this is new to many people I would like to share some signs which may indicate you are actively processing energy:

Signs You Are Releasing Energy

1/ Yawning or Sneezing

Working with Clients they often yawn after processing events or past memories. It is a sign of release. The next time you yawn, draw your awareness to it. See if you notice anything different. What do you feel? Perhaps a feeling of release.

2/ Tired

You may find yourself unexplainably tired. Especially in the middle of the day

  • The sun and environment are weighing on our energy. For many It is intense!
  •  Exhaustion may heighten around full moon time

To help with Exhaustion:

  • Tackle mentally taxing activities before the sun rises or after the sun sets
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Bathe in Epson asking to intentionally remove unneeded energy

3/ New Sensitivity to Heat especially the SUN during peak times of day.

  • The Sun is growing in strength as the planet receives more and more light.
  • During the hottest hours of the day ( 10 AM -3 PM) you may find it hard to be out
  • You may be finding you suddenly have more energy in the early morning /evening

To help with sun sensitivity:

  • Grounding – take a walk barefoot in the early morning. Draw energy UP from the earth to support and protect you
    • Focus on rooting down and drawing the earth’s energy up with each breath
    • I like the words
      • “Mother earth supports me”
      • and “I receive only the energy I need”
  • Wear a hat to protect sun from escaping from the crown


Signs You Are Receiving / Downloading Energy

As we connect in to the higher vibration energies we are actively being sent added light and love to support us on our mission. In order to process these new earth energies we must receive energy at the rate we are ready.

1/ Ringing of one or both ears

  • Ear ringing typically happens when we are going through collective energy shifts
  • It can heighten around celestial events such as full moons, eclipses or solar storms
  • During these times the veil between our physical world and spiritual world is thinner than usual

Rather than resisting consider this:

  • Ringing in the ears is simply Spirit talking to us
  • Close your eyes, Tune in and ask to understand the message you are being sent
  • Ringing of the right vs left ear may mean different things

2/ Tingling at the Crown, third eye hands or feet

Feeling tingling sensations in your crown, third eye on in your hands and feet is a common spiritual symptom. It occurs as these energy centers are opening to receive energy and bridge a connection with spirit.

If you ignore the feeling, it will most often persist and get stronger. Ultimately, we are receiving a calling to open up to the energy which is here to support us.

Rather than resisting try the following:

  • Use the words: “I receive only the energy that is right for me at this time”
  • These words will allow you to receive only the amount of light you are able to hold
  • And to grow energetically at your own pace

3/ Feelings of Nausea

Feelings of nausea are common when processing traumatic events. Nausea may also occur when you are receiving / downloading new earth energy at a rate greater than you are ready for. Nausea can also hit you when exposed to toxic energy.

For unexplained Nausea try the following:

  • Seated Deep belly breathing while closing the eyes
  • On the in breath ” I receive only the energy that is right for me at this time”
  • On the Out-breath “I release energy which does not belong”
  • Continue until you feel settled

4/ Burping or churning in the solar plexus / stomach area

5/ Cracking of the Neck/Spine

Our lower chakra energies ( which are associated with the physical world we live in ) are connecting our higher self with our spiritual chakra energy. As this is happening you may experience cracking along the upper back and neck.











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