On The Importance Of Giving

Aside from your family or loved ones, your time is the single biggest asset you have. How you choose to spend it is a gift.

Some of us maintain the value that we should work now so that we have more time later. Heads down socking away money so that one day we will have our freedom. Others choose paths or make decisions which free their time early on so they can spend their best years doing the things they love. There is no right path, there is simply the one which you choose as your own.

It is a balance though – will you have enough for later? And do you have enough for now? The beauty of it all, is the choice is yours alone to decide what is important for you. And ultimately, only you can decide that.

This summer I was not working for the first time in 15 years and we decided to spend a month adventuring across the USA – 7000 miles. Hitting several National Parks, The Telluride Bluegrass festival, a ball game and making so many memories. {More to come on our route and high points in a future post} Being away from the dog, the garden and the house would have never been possible without the help of loved ones.

Life is 100% so much easier with the help and support of others. We are not supposed to go it alone. When you rely on someone who cares about you it makes you realize so many things. For me it made me think specifically about how I could be doing more for others. And do people rely on me in the same way.

Questions flowed through my head. Am I giving enough of myself to others? Am I reliable enough that others may call on me should they need a hand? But mostly, I was in such great appreciation of the people in my life. When we rely on others who truly care about us it also gives them the gift of giving. As adults most of us get to a place where we become so damn stubborn and often think, “I can sort this out on my own.”

We don’t ask. Its strange isn’t it? We all do it. All the while we have a team of people waiting to help. I kid you not. You likely have one that you never call on.

When we rely on someone who cares about us when we truly need the help. We give them the gift of allowing to Give. And our heart opens in a way which would otherwise not. We are less guarded, we open up, and we are in a way – a bit vulnerable. We show others we need them. They matter. Our heart is in their hands.

Life is meant to be shared with others. Do yourself a favor. When you do need a hand, ask. When someone else needs you be willing to give.






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