Eating for Maximum Vibration

We are at a pivotal time where eating for maximum nutritional value is more important than ever before. Food is the #1 way we can gain control over environment and systemic toxicity.
Eating high frequency food can elevate us a level higher than basic “healthy” food choices will. In this 30 day workshop I will share with you the factors which contribute to the overall vibrational health of your food. Many things contribute to the vibrational frequency of our food you will learn what these are.
The higher the vibration the more nutrition your food provides you. Period.
I will share with you a method I developed. And teach you how to eat for maximum vibrational density. We will draw from techniques utilized in energy healing. In 30 days you will leave understanding of how to gain the most energetic benefit from your food.
You will learn all about:
– Energy in relation to your food choices
– Vibrationally Dense and High Frequency foods
– Why our emotional connection to food is incredibly important
– Supplements and Herbs Tailored to Brain and Cellular health
– Foods which are focused on reducing inflammation
– How to use dowsing and energy testing on food
– How to Energetically CHARGE your food with Prana
– How to eat plant based simply and without waste
You will Receive:
– Access to a closed page support community
– Live scheduled video broadcasts via zoom
– Seasonal and vibrationally dense food Lists
– Education on noted resources you can lean on for additional help and support
– Weekly recipes
– ….and more
Some of the Benefits You May Achieve Include:
– Looking younger and aging in reverse
– Added energy
– Reduced brain fog
– Reduction in aches
– A clearer mind and complexion
– Elimination of allergies and / or congestion
– Improvement in your overall health and immunity
How do I sign up?
– Program costs are $95
– Kickoff is May 27th and session will run through June 17th
– To register please complete the form below or Contact Sarah Here





Sarah has overcome a severe brain injury and successfully healed her epilepsy through diet and choosing a balanced spiritual life. She now offers vibrational coaching to help others heal naturally and holistically.  Food, Belief, And Energy are her healing tools to assist others on their journey.

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